Pressure relief dampers from the manufacturer

Whether fire protection systems (fire protection), electrical systems or stairwells: due to new legislation, pressure relief dampers (also known as overpressure ventilation dampers or overpressure dampers) are mandatory in many cases.

Rely on quality with a competent partner, all at first hand.
Rely on many years of experience in consulting, planning support and much more with one of the first manufacturers of high-quality pressure relief dampers in Germany. Our service doesn't stop after the sale, our experts are also on hand to give you advice and support during installation. You can find templates for tenders and specifications on our download page. But just ask what we can do for you. Individually adapted to your needs, you can get the flaps in many variations and with many options. Simply request a non-binding quotation via our convenient enquiry mask and be amazed at how quality can be so affordable.

Below you will find a small selection of our previous deliveries - this list will be updated at irregular intervals with the most important projects.

Jan 07, 2021 ENI

ENI also had further deliveries for fire protection. Once again, 12 flaps were delivered with a perfect fit.



Dez 14, 2020 Staatarchiv Landshut

The next state archive will be equipped with our dampers as part of the fire extinguishing systems.



Nov 18, 2020 Rolls Royce Dahlewitz

Our pressure relief dampers are also being used with precision at another production site during the construction of a new building.




Okt 11, 2020 HDW Werft Kiel

The HDW shipyard also uses some of our flaps in newbuildings.





Sep 04, 2020 Fraunhofer Institut Aachen

The next new building of the Melaten Campus in Aachen will get our quality flaps.




Aug 15, 2020 Porsche Weissach

Our pressure relief flaps were also installed in the Porsche development centre.





Jul 25, 2020 WAK Karlsruhe

Our pressure relief dampers have also been used in the Karlsruhe nuclear reprocessing plant.





Jun 16, 2019 Bosch Bamberg

At the Bamberg site, Bosch has also installed our pressure relief dampers in transformer rooms.





Mar 11, 2020 Krankenhaus Eisenhüttenstadt

In the course of renovation work, our pressure relief flaps were also installed in the Eisenhüttenstadt hospital.





Sep 26, 2019 VW Open Hybrid Laboratory

VW is also installing our pressure relief flaps in its research centre.





Sep 19, 2019 RWTH Aachen Center for digital Photonic Products

On the campus of RWTH Aachen University, the Center for digital Photonic Products was newly built and equipped with our pressure relief dampers.





Sep 12, 2018 ZF Friedrichshafen AG

Our pressure relief dampers were installed during the refurbishment of the ZF data centre.





Sep 05, 2018 Witt Industrielektronik Berlin

Pressure relief dampers also had to be installed in the new building of the company Witt GmbH.





Aug 29, 2018 Westfalen AG Münster

Pressure relief dampers were also built for an extension to the company headquarters of Westfalen AG.





Aug 22, 2018 Stadtwerke München

Many of our pressure relief dampers were installed in a substation in Munich Trudering.





Aug 15, 2018 Scharenberg Tarmstedt

During the expansion of the production halls, some pressure relief flaps were needed. We delivered a perfect fit.



Aug 08, 2018 Infotech Recklingshausen

During the construction of a new building, Infotech also had a growing need for pressure relief dampers. We supplied several flaps to fit exactly as requested.



Jul 25, 2018 Mannstedt GmbH Troisdorf

Mannstedt GmbH has also installed our pressure relief dampers as part of renovations.





Jul 18, 2018 Löwenstor Stuttgart

Some of our flaps were installed in the State Natural History Museum in Stuttgart.





Jul 11, 2018 Buderus Edelstahl

We have manufactured several pressure relief dampers for Buderus to fit exactly.





Jul 04, 2018 LET Liebschner

We have also built and supplied various dampers for LET Liebschner Energeitechnik GmbH.




Jun 27, 2018 FZ Jülich

We also installed several pressure relief dampers at the Jülich Research Centre.





Jun 06, 2018 ZFP Emmendingen

In the specialist hospital in Emmendingen, our flaps were also used during renovations.





Mai 23, 2018 GWS Hochhaus Berlin

Our pressure relief dampers were also installed in the GSW high-rise building in Berlin during renovation work.




Mai 09, 2018 DFS Langen

Our dampers are also used in the combined heat and power plant of the German Air Traffic Control.





Apr 25, 2018 Audi Neckarsulm

Our flaps were also installed in the Neckarsulm plant.





Apr 18, 2018 Audi Mexico

Our flaps have already made it as far as Mexico. They also protect against overpressure at the Audi plant.




Apr 11, 2018 Kurz Fürth

The plastic and film manufacturer Kurz from Fürth has once again used our pressure relief flaps for extensions.



Apr 04, 2018 Brose Hallstadt

Our pressure relief dampers were installed in the new building of the car parts manufacturer Brose in Hallstadt.





Mar 21, 2018 Getzner

Our flaps were used in new production lines at the Getzner weaving mill. They were delivered with an exact fit.





Mar 28, 2018 U-Bahnhof Moritzplatz, Berlin

The next pressure relief flaps for the BVG - a control room at the U station Moritzplatz will be secured by this.





Mar 14, 2018 Rheinmetall

Pressure relief dampers were also used in a new building at Rheinmetall AG.





Mar 07, 2018 EVAG Emden

At Emder Verkehrs und Automotive GmbH, we also supplied pressure relief flaps as part of conversion measures.





Feb 27, 2018 Linde AG

Our pressure relief dampers were installed in the new construction of an administration building.





Feb 20, 2018 Uni Essen

Several of our pressure relief dampers were also used in renovations and new buildings at the University of Essen-Duisburg.




Feb 13, 2018 Rügenwalder Mühle

Although not in the old mill itself, our pressure relief flaps are also used in newly built production facilities of the traditional company..





Feb 06, 2018 Uniklinik Essen

We also installed flaps in the university hospital in Essen.





Jan 24, 2018 Christophsbad Göppingen

Our pressure relief dampers were used in new buildings at the Christophsbad in Göppingen.




Jan 17, 2018 Wild Berlin

A large batch of our pressure relief dampers were installed at ADM Wild Berlin.



Jan 10, 2018 BASF Münster


BASF has also used our pressure relief dampers in Münster.





Jan 03, 2018 Aldi Süd

We also installed pressure relief dampers in new buildings at Aldi-Süd.




Dez 27, 2017 Airbus Ulm

In the (now former) Airbus plant in Ulm, our pressure relief dampers were also used in extensions.




Dez 20, 2017 Deutsche Bahn, Stuttgart 21

Our pressure relief dampers are also being installed in the Stuttgart 21 project of Deutsche Bahn.




Dez 13, 2017 Würth

The Würth company has now also installed our pressure relief dampers in a new building project.





Dez 06, 2017 Golf Club sankt Leon-Rot

A pressure relief flap was needed in the golf club's new indoor golf hall - we supplied a perfect fit.





Nov 22, 2017 Kraftwerk Mitte Dresden

Our pressure relief dampers were also used in the complete conversion of the Mitte Dresden power station.




Nov 01, 2017 Siemens Würzburg

Siemens AG has now also installed our pressure relief dampers at the Würzburg site.





Nov 08, 2017 Brose Bamberg

The vehicle parts manufacturer Brose in Bamberg also used our pressure relief dampers in the construction of its new administration building.



and many other industrial projects in the last 5 years....

Minimax GmbH

Total Feuerschutz GmbH

Siemens AG

Areva Deutschland

Areva Schweiz

Bilfinger Berger Hochbau GmbH

Aachen-Arcaden, Treppenhaus

Deutsche Bahn AG


IBM-Deutschland GmbH

Airbus Deutschland GmbH

RWE Power

RWE Kraftwerk

Main Nova Frankfurt

AIR-Team Lufttechnische Anlagen

Vigiles Brandschutzanlagen GmbH


Imtech Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG

GEA Maschinenkühltechnik GmbH

SAG Montagesellschaft mbH

SAG Netz- + Energietechnik GmbH

BASF: Schaltanlagen

LuxConnect: Löschanlagen

Kraftwerk Wilhelmshafen


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Kraftwerk Dörverden

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Hersteller für Sondercontainer


Audi Neckarsulm


FBC Frankfurter Bürocenter

RWE KW Goldenberg

Uni Paderborn

SEW Bruchsal

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MHKW Bremen

KWK Kolb

RWE Kraftwerk Weisweiler

Klinikum Mannheim

BASF Limburgerhof

Nobilia Verl

Upper Eastside Berlin

MDR Leipzig

Globalfoundries Dresden

Marienkrankenhaus Siegen

Sky Deutschland

E.ON. ERC Aachen

HUK Coburg

Luitpoldhaus Nürnberg

BASF Limburgerhof

Audi Ingolstadt

Barcoo Control Rooms Karlsruhe

TPA in Magdeburg

MDR Leipzig

SCA Mannheim

Technisches Betriebszentrum München

Hörmann Ginsheim

Roto Frank Gebäudelemente

Druckzentrum Mittelrhein Verlag

MHKW Ruhleben

Klinikum Giessen

Wacker Chemie Nünchritz

Museumswinkel Erlangen